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25th April 2013 Gallipoli Turkey. From 2 Day to 16 Day 12 Different Anzac Tours.

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Cruise Ship Day Excursions

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Kusadasi Day Trips

Great fun for all the family while you are staying in Kusadasi

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Biblical Tours

Follow the rich biblical history that Turkey has to offer

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Rent a Villa in the popular Turkish town of Kusadasi

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Property For Sale

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            Frequently Asked Questions 

Please find below a list of questions we are frequently asked regarding our cruises.
Turkey BLue Voyage

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1.  My friends have booked on a cruise already and I now want to join them.  Is this possible?
Sure.  If you are a late addition to a group booking then we will do all we can to make sure you get on the same boat as your friends.  It is best to drop us an email before booking and explain who your friends are and the relevant dates and once we confirm we can get you on the same one then you can go through the booking process.

2.  What sort of people can I expect on my cruise, will they be people my age etc?
The companies that operate the cruises make a point of doing a bit of 'demographic matching' to ensure you will be on a boat with people of a similar mindset.  It is important for us that you have a good time so we want to make sure that we get the mix of people as close as possible.

3.  What kind of food can I expect on board?
The food is traditional Turkish food and there is plenty of variety to cater for both vegetarian and carnivores alike.  It is not uncommon to hear people who have been on these boat cruises raving about the food and some even saying it is the best they had while they were in Turkey.  You can bring your own snacks, fruits, chocolate etc onto the boat as these are not sold onboard.

4.  What about drinking, can we drink alcohol on board?
Of course, no problem there.  Unfortunately you cant take your own drinks on board but the crew have drinks available ( variety of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages) at reasonable prices.  It is based on an honesty system so each time you take a drink just put a mark next to your name and you will be asked to pay your bill at the end in cash.  Please do not take your own drinks on board.

5.  Are there places we can stop if we need a pharmacy or more money along the way?
There is indeed and we suggest you ask the Captain of your boat when you will be there and when the next place which has these will be.

6.  Does the boat start/finish in Olympos?
No, not quite.  The boat leaves/arrives (depending which cruise you are doing) at a place called Demre and a bus is provided between Demre - Olympos.  It is difficult to load and unload passengers and baggage at Olympos itself. The bus to/from Olympos is included in the cost of the cruise.

7.  Is it hard to get accommodation at the Treehouses in Olympos?
It can get quite busy at the treehouses in the peak season (July/August) so we do recommend booking ahead if you want to stay there. You could just try your luck when you get there although Olympos is not the ideal place to be stuck with nowhere to stay.  We can assist you in booking treehouse accommodation so if this is something you are interested in then please get in touch before you make your booking and we can put together a bit of a package for you.

8.  Anything you can suggest that I take on the boat with me?
Just make sure you are well prepared with the usual things for sailing on a boat in the hot sun.  Towels are a must for drying off after your morning swim and a strong sunscreen is also a good idea.  There is plenty of shade on the boat so you wont be in the sun all day but best to be prepared for when you are swimming and walking around off the boat.  There is a range of equipment for water sports and fishing on board also.  Also a pack of cards, CD's, ipods for music and a good book wouldn't go astray.

9.  What is the accommodation situation on the boat?
You will be allocated a cabin based on your preferences at time of booking.  Those travelling as a single passenger will have to share a room.  Each cabin is equipped with a toilet/bathroom and shower facilities.

In the hotter times of the year the cabins can be quite warm so most people sleep on the deck of the boat and mattresses and blankets are provided.

10.  Are we expected to 'tip' our boat crew like I have on cruises in other countries such as in Egypt?
Tipping is a big part of the culture in the Turkish service industry and it is not uncommon for each passenger of the boat cruise to give a small token of their appreciation.  The amount you tip  is up to you and your perception of the level of service you receive.  One person will usually collect money on behalf of the passengers and present to the crew when leaving the boat.  Usual tip value is about 3-4% of tour cost per person.
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